Own a LittleBits Gym!

The LittleBits Gym stand-alone center is the perfect fit for the entrepreneur ready to get their children's fitness facility kickstarted! As a stand-alone center you will be able to offer a full schedule of daytime and evening programming, as well as accommodate birthday parties, play groups and events.  If you are the franchisee who wants to truly own a facility that the entire community will enjoy and get excited about we will help you to find the perfect location, negotiate your lease terms and plan your buildout.

  • Typically 5000 - 10,000+ sq feet

  • Located in a family-friendly area of your city (approved by LittleBits Gym)

  • We ensure no other LittleBits Gym program will be within 15 driving minutes of your facility

  • LittleBits Gym will conduct a site visit to ensure the location/city you have chosen fits our proven model.

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First Step

 Do you operate an existing facility that  could be enhanced by LittleBits Gym programming? 

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LittleBits Gym Birthday Party Area