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What Everyone's Saying!

Shadow on Concrete Wall

Sinclaire H., Center Director

I can't imagine working for anyone else except LittleBits Gym.  I have so many "kids" that aren't mine but I truly love them like my own and I am lucky enough to get to watch them challenge themselves and improve every week.  I love what I do because it doesn't feel like "work"!

Shadow on Concrete Wall

Brian P., Cheer Gym Director

The marketing and training support that LittleBits Gym provides is outstanding.  When we have questions there is someone ready to answer right away.  They are continually working to grow our gym and increase our revenue.

Shadow on Concrete Wall

Leanne T., Parent

LittleBits Gym has been such a wonderful environment for me and my toddler to learn and enjoy gym time. The entire staff is very outgoing and caring. The tiny tots class is child-friendly  and I am so impressed with the variation every week and we never lose interest.

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